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    Yiwu Furex Sanitary Products Co., Ltd. is located in HVAC China International Commodity City - Yiwu Industrial Park. Began in 2004, stainless steel electric heated towel rack in the development and production, the first to achieve basic automation of production of stainless steel electric towel warmer radiator stainless steel plumbing.

    Company aim: high quality, high efficiency, low-cost customer feedback. Main products: electric warm hot towel rack, towel rack radiator plumbing; towel rack radiator; water dual towel rack; towel rack radiator heating thermostat, plumbing temperature control valve; aluminum die-casting radiator; ordinary towel rack; shower curtain rod; safety rails; disabled handrails; handle; shower room accessories; HVAC accessories and other low carbon steel, stainless steel tubular products. Sub-surface treatment: electroplating; polishing; spray; drawing and so on.

    Philosophy of "customer first, forge ahead, quality first", the product is heat or hot water circulating through the electric heating. Not only drying towels; towels; clothes, you can also clear the bath room smell; disinfection / sterilization; heating so cold room can reach you need constant warmth and life, and it costs like air conditioning power, giving a particular discomfort. Create an environmental, health, sanitary living environment, is indispensable in the 21st century family home supplies.

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